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New Perspectives for Good 

We provide a wide range of consultancy services centred around helping businesses find and communicate their social and environmental purpose and impact

Customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees are increasingly recognising that they only want to work with businesses that have social purpose and an understanding of climate impact at the heart of their organisation. 

We can help you develop your identity to align with your mission, implement impactful cause marketing campaigns and measure social responsibility and sustainability efforts. 

We also help clients take that final leap to become BCorps, illustrating their commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Bringing charities to


We help Crowdfunder to continue to develop their product offering to suit the needs of charities.

We have grown the platform significantly through introductions to organisations in the charity sector, developed strategic relationships with Nectar, Disasters Emergency Committee, matched funding from Rolls-Royce, in addition to providing the tools to be at the cutting edge for philanthropic giving.

Business Services

Future-proofing your business to drive profit and protect your reputation


CSR/ ESG planning


Strategic Charity partnerships


Accreditation and Measuring


Cause Related Marketing 

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Customer Profiling 

Redbox sustainability transformation

We helped deliver a new vision for Redbox to make them the leading brand in Office Supplies through an ethical brand purpose.


This increased sales dramatically as they started to appeal to the more sustainability focused customer and win increasing number of tenders through their strong ESG profile.


Migrate Art
theory of change

Founded in 2016, Migrate Art CIC began their mission to unite the art world and help displaced people around the world to rebuild their lives, piece by piece. They collaborate with artists, creating unusual materials, and donate the funds raised through the art sold to charities fighting the global migrant crisis.

We are delighted to have worked in partnership with Relativ Impact to create a Theory of Change model for this forward-thinking organisation.

Creating Charitable Brands

One of our first successes was creating the charitable brand Thirsty Planet, which helped Harrogate Spa sell their product into grocers for the first time.


As well as being a commercial success it has raised over £2m for clean water projects globally.


Turning Points into Positivity 

Nectar_Donate_Lock_Up_PurpleBg_CorePurpleWM_RGB_CC (1).png

Nectar wanted to create an opportunity for their customers to spend points on helping charities.


Through our partnership with Crowdfunder we onboarded thousands of charities, both large household name brands, and causes important to Nectar's and Sainsbury’s customers.

Customer Profiles

alpha w.webp

The Alpha Wolfe mission is to help every dog live their very best life through the use of an advanced epigenetic hair follicle and saliva mapping service and a range of unique supplements. 

Ethical Good ran a series of workshops with the team to create 3 core customer profiles for the brand to target in their marketing. We delivered an action based report full of data-led insights and marketing recommendations ready to implement.

Measuring Impact

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We helped Rathbones to translate their strong values and ethics into a measurable format to record their positive impact in the world, and set strong goals for future social and environmental success. 

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Supporting Visionary Ideas

Fika is a revolutionary catering company that has been set up with sustainability and social responsibility at the heart. We helped them apply for their B-Corp status.

We also helped Fika secure an investment to support their expansion, this allowed them to open their own 'Dark Kitchen' and continue to taking on new clients around London.

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