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REDBOX has been providing ethical and sustainable interiors, office supplies and print solutions for over 30 years. They genuinely care about making a difference and their social responsibility strategy is key to their organisation’s ongoing success and growth. They were struggling to articulate how to communicate their passion and social purpose and called on Ethical Good to help shape their CSR journey.

We partnered with REDBOX to guide them through every step, modelling a new culture of philanthropy, inspiring and retaining staff and increasing their market share for their ethical products.


Our involvement culminated in REDBOX achieving B Corp certification, joining a very select group of organisations committed to balancing purpose with profit. 

Matthew Letley, Managing Director, REDBOX says, “Since Ethical Good were first introduced to our business we’ve transformed our model to make a lasting positive impact in society and on the environment, through the products and services we provide. Ethical Goods became a crucial part of our business and their honesty to ask difficult questions was welcomed."

"They guided us on every part of our CSR journey and two years of hard work culminated in us becoming B Corp certified in 2020. We now stand proudly amongst a business community that’s using its responsibility as a force for good."

"We achieved four main benefits working with Ethical Good:

Increased employee satisfaction

We respect and support our people in their jobs, and through our various programmes, we’ve seen a more productive and satisfied team.

Providing opportunities to volunteer, especially during working hours, has created a sense of community within our business, as well as a connection to the local community.  Staff have gained motivation and pride in their work through these personal-development opportunities.

Our staff are actively involved in the community and are also acting as brand ambassadors.


Improved Public Image

We’ve successfully demonstrated our corporate social responsibility through a variety of public channels that have resulted in praise for our involvement.

We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from local customers when they’ve bought ethical products and sustainable services from REDBOX, as we’re seen to be helping our community.


Future proofing our business

According to Forbes, millennials prefer to do business with “corporations and brands with pro-social messages, sustainable manufacturing methods, and ethical business standards.” Our purpose showcases our values and demonstrates that team work, community involvement, and engagement sit at the very top of our priorities as a business.

Our business has gained market share through the changes made as a result of the work completed with Ethical Goods. We have increased our tendered scores when competing for new business.


Increased Creativity

Through our team of B-Keepers, our staff feel empowered to contribute to the direction of our business. They’ve created innovative ideas about products, internal processes and new solutions. Since we’ve demonstrated our values and passions through community giving, staff feel encouraged to develop new and better ways to make their jobs fun and they feel a personal sense of fulfillment and reward, knowing their job is making a difference to people and the planet.

I would highly recommend Ethical Goods to any business that needs help finding and communicating their social and environmental purpose.” 

Supporting the Green Earth Appeal 

As a commitment to their sustainability strategy REDBOX plants a tree for every client through their RED2GREEN initiative, in aid of the Green Earth Appeal, part of the UN's Environment Programme. 

One tree is planted in the developing world for every client meeting, and every purchase. Clients are given access to a live tree-counter so you can see how much is being contributed.

Just one tree can offset a tonne of CO2 in its lifetime. 

For more information contact Laura-Rose:

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