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Pets abandoned due to cost of living crisis

As the cost of living crisis takes hold across the country, people are struggling to afford the rising cost of caring for the pets they purchased as Lockdown companions.

A recent RSPCA report outlined the massive increase in pet owners reporting problems with the rising cost of veterinary care, insurance, electricity costs for reptiles and even pet food. Indeed, 95% of RSPCA officers recently surveyed identified the biggest cause of dog neglect they witnessed is due to the cost of care, with an initial consultation with a private vet rising from £35 to £50. Heartbreakingly, this is resulting in a drastic increase in pets being abandoned which is leaving Animal Charities stretched to breaking point and in urgent need of financial support, as they themselves also struggle with the rising cost of utility bills, petrol and veterinary clinics.

To help combat this, our client, has launched a Crowdfunding campaign which aims to improve the lives of sick, injured and homeless animals by asking supporters to donate their Nectar points via Nectar Donate. Nectar Donate is a new scheme which allows you to donate some (or all) of your Nectar points to good causes and charities on Crowdfunder!

The Ethical Goods team, (who act as Crowdfunder's charity arm) are delighted to have initiated the partnership between Nectar and Crowdfunder having identified that the donation of millions of unspent Nectar points could help make a real difference to hundreds of struggling charities across the UK.

No matter how many Nectar points supporters choose to donate, each and every one will be supporting their chosen charity, helping to make a real difference to their cause. It’s quick and easy to donate and there are no hidden fees!

Animals need your help now, so if you are in a position to help, please support your favourite animal welfare charity today.


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