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Maximise your Organisations impact with a Theory of Change

We recently hosted another exciting webinar on the topic of Theory of Change, as part our New Perspectives event series. If the questions below stimulate your interest then we recommend you take a look at the full recording.

Do you want to make sure your organisation is more impact focussed?

Do you understand how a Theory of Change can help to maximise the value of your organisation?

Did you know that a Theory of Change is a measurement blueprint?

Hear from Gabrielle Habberton, Co-Founder and Director at Relativ Impact, she is a specialist on Theory of Change. Habberton has a wide range of experience working with organisations of all sizes to create and embed effective Theory of Change models in addition to relating them to Impact measurement and management. During this insightful session she outlines the practical elements of getting started in this area for purpose-based organisations.

The valuable insight that are gained by working on a Theory of Change model that evaluates your organisation, helps employees to understand their role and also ensures an efficient deployment of resources, which means that the capability of the organisation to have the desired impact is inevitably improved.

Theory of Change is participatory, it is an opportunity for stakeholders to get together and sense check their work and build consensus around impact goals and initiatives that are the focus for the organisation. What’s more, organisations of all sizes can benefit from developing one.

If you missed our live session you can watch it on our YouTube channel now.

Interested in creating a Theory of Change roadmap for your purpose-led organisation?

Check out the recording of our Theory of Change Info session to discover more about an exciting, in-person, full day Masterclass we are hosting with Relativ Impact in central London on October 4th.

Please email us with any questions or to book your place:


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