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Create your Theory of Change Roadmap for delivering Impact in 2024

map to create impact
Roadmap to impact

Ethical Good and Relativ Impact are committed to helping organisations maximise their impact and access funding to support their positive impact goals. A well thought out Theory of Change model is proven to support organisations in successfully accessing future funding. This is why we are offering leaders of purpose-led organisations a chance to book a complimentary Theory of Change consultation with our partner, Doctor Colin Habberton. To book, please email Colin directly:

A Theory of Change model helps create an easy to understand roadmap to enable your organisation to deliver the greatest impact, and is also a very useful tool to refer back to and adjust as your priorities develop. However, we understand that the process of completing a Theory of Change model using only your internal resources can be challenging, this is why we are inviting you to book in to speak with Colin who will help you overcome your specific challenges on this topic.

An up-to-date Theory of Change is an essential part of effectively delivering impact. It is increasingly important that your activities are closely linked with your desired outcome and your overall impact goals. Ensuring this level of clarity in a Theory of Change document is also increasingly very helpful in successfully securing funding.

Example Theory of Change

Further examples can be found here.


“I can't recommend Relativ Impact enough for the work that they did in collaboration with us on our Theory of Change.

We use our new Theory of Change in everything that we do. It helps to guide our decision making and strategy as well as helping to articulate to a multitude of audiences our mission.”

Jax Shaw,

Director, Family Holiday Charity

Theory of Change Masterclass

Sadly train strikes have meant we have to cancel the Theory of Change Masterclass we had planned for the 4th October. However, you can still access a recording of our info session and the associated slides below.

Information Session Slides:

ToC Workshop Summary Final
Download PDF • 4.19MB

Information Session Recording:

Instead of the Theory of Change Masterclass we are now delighted to be offering complimentary Theory of Change consultations with our partner, Doctor Colin Habberton. To book your personalised consultation, please email Colin directly:

If you have any questions about our upcoming session, please do let us know.


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