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Embracing Change: Welcoming Graeme Hodge, our new Executive Director

The Ethical Good team are pretty excited about the changes that 2024 has brought so far - and its only early February! One such change is to our leadership team - we are delighted to welcome Graeme Hodge onboard to lead us forward in 2024 and beyond.

Introducing Graeme Hodge

Graeme Hodge

We are thrilled to have re-recruited a new member of the team, Graeme Hodge, who worked at Ethical Good as a Consultant and Communications and Operations Director from Jan 2011 - Nov 2014 and today joins us as our new Executive Director.

He brings with him 25+ years of experience spanning the realms of international development, public engagement and business leadership, providing him with a unique perspective on tackling social and environmental challenges.

Graeme thrives on collaborative spirit. He sees the company as a bridge connecting the worlds of charity, business, and impact investing, fostering impactful partnerships that generate tangible results.

Graeme's dedication extends to fostering movements for global good. He has played a key role in mobilising people and transformational funding around issues of social justice, equality, and sustainable development, including initiatives focused on engaging specific demographics and enabling opportunities for vulnerable populations to create self-led change. We cannot wait to see what 2024 brings with him on the Ethical Good team.

Duncan Parker has served as our Managing Director for the past 14 years and has delivered a positive impact across different sectors. He has championed the purpose economy by helping countless meaningful projects to access the necessary funding to thrive. Duncan will still be closely linked to Ethical Good as he is now Chair of the E.G. Board and has also taken on a new challenge as the Group Managing Director with our new investors - The 44 Group. The 44 Group is home to a selection of unique wellness brands that are committed to encouraging the wellbeing of individuals both physically and emotionally and in harmony with the world around them; their brands are all united in their dedication towards human flourishing.  

The Ethical Good team is proud to be a part of The 44 group and we look forward to working with them under new leadership, we will be sharing learnings and collaborating with the group over the coming years and continuing to work with purpose-driven organisations to deliver a positive impact for both people and planet.


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