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Elevate Your Charity Fundraising: Exploring offering Digital Products as Rewards on

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In the digital era, charities are increasingly harnessing the power of online platforms to amplify their fundraising efforts and engage supporters in innovative ways. Within the digital fundraising landscaping stands out as a versatile platform that empowers charities to raise funds for their causes effectively. One of the key strategies that charities can leverage on Crowdfunder is offering digital products as rewards. From exclusive content to virtual experiences, digital products offer charities unique opportunities to attract donors and drive engagement.

Let's delve into some of the digital products that charities can create and then offer as a reward on Crowdfunder to elevate their fundraising campaigns.

1. Exclusive Content Packages

Charities can create compelling digital content packages to entice donors and incentivise contributions. This could include exclusive e-books, whitepapers, or guides related to the charity's mission or cause. By offering valuable content that aligns with donor interests, charities can attract supporters who are eager to gain insights and knowledge while contributing to a meaningful cause.

2. Virtual Events and Experiences

In the era of social distancing, virtual events and experiences became increasingly popular avenues for charities to engage donors and raise funds. Post-pandemic, Charities can still organise and host virtual concerts, workshops, or Q&A sessions featuring prominent speakers or performers and save themselves some of the costs of hosting events in person. Donors can then gain access these digital events by making a contribution to the charity's crowdfunding campaign (by purchasing said event or experience via the rewards functionality), thus creating a sense of exclusivity and excitement around the fundraising initiative.

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3. Digital Artwork and Creative Works

Another way to captivate donors and foster a sense of connection with their cause is to create and offer digital artwork and creative works as rewards. These could include digital prints, custom illustrations, or music compositions created by artists passionate about supporting the charity's mission. Donors can receive digital copies of these artworks as a token of appreciation for their contribution, while also supporting emerging talent and creativity.

4. Online Courses and Workshops

Education is a powerful tool for social change, and charities can harness this by offering online courses and workshops as rewards on a Crowdfunder campaign. These courses could cover topics related to the charity's mission, such as sustainability, mental health awareness, or community development. Donors can then enrol in these courses as a reward for their support, gaining valuable knowledge while making a positive impact through their contributions.

5. Custom Digital Merchandise

Merchandise has long been a staple of fundraising campaigns, and charities can take it to the next level by offering a range of custom digital merchandise as rewards on the Crowdfunder platform. These could include digital badges, stickers, or virtual collectibles that donors can display proudly to showcase their support for the charity's cause. Digital merchandise offers a sustainable and cost-effective way for charities to engage donors while reducing environmental impact.

Embracing Digital Innovation for Impact

As charities navigate the evolving landscape of fundraising, embracing digital innovation is key to driving impact and sustainability. By offering up digital products on platforms like, charities can unlock new opportunities to engage donors, raise funds, and advance their mission. Whether it's exclusive content, virtual experiences, or digital artwork, the possibilities are endless for charities willing to embrace the power of digital fundraising. Together, we can harness the transformative potential of technology to create positive change in the world.

Other fundraising options on Crowdfunder include incentivising donors using physical rewards and offering in person events, running prize draws, encouraging individual fundraising challenges and even emergency appeals. The Ethical Good team would be delighted to provide you with the help your charity may need in both planning and delivering these campaigns. We'll even help you with the process of mapping out your crowd - a key element in a successful Crowdfunder campaign.

Get in touch with the Ethical Good team for support in thinking through, creating and running your Charity Crowdfunder campaign today.


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