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The Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented and unlike anything the world has experienced in living memory. At the forefront of the battle against the spread of Covid-19 was the roll out of a worldwide vaccination programme. However the developing world got left behind when it came to the vaccine roll out due to lack of funds and infrastructure compared to the developed West. 

Ethical Good teamed up with Unicef and Crowdfunder to launch Vaccinaid - the world’s first vaccine fundraiser to support their ambition of funding 2 billion vaccines worldwide! 

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The Vaccinaid Manifesto

“The pandemic hit Britain hard. But we’ve come back punching. And with a third of the nation already vaccinated, we’re beginning to win the fight.

But it can’t stop here. The rest of the world needs our help. And fast. Because we’ll only ever be safe, if we’re all safe.

So, roll up your sleeves (if they’re not already) and play your part in the biggest vaccine drive in history, delivering 2 billion vaccines around the world.

Sure, it’s not going to be easy, but with Unicef, Crowdfunder, and all of us, we can do this together.

Let’s get up, get going, get running, get baking, get thinking of absolutely anything. Or just get donating. That’s the power of Crowdfunding.

So, whether you give time, give energy, give a little or a lot… Give the world a shot!”

Our Impact

The Ethical Good team formulated the simple idea that sat behind this campaign, which was that an £8 donation would provide a vaccine to individuals in countries that were less developed and where vaccines were not free or readily available.


Key stakeholders were enamoured with the idea and in partnership with Unicef, Crowdfunder and Mother we rolled out a campaign that raised over £10.1 million (plus £212k in Gift Aid) from some 22,127 supporters.


The campaign was promoted by some of the UK’s most well-known brands including the NHS, The Church of England, National Emergencies Trust, Deloitte, Burberry and Nivea. 

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Raised over £10 million
   From over 22,000 supporters       

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