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The Lucy Rayner Foundation was created to raise awareness of the physical and mental health of those suffering depression, with a focus on young adults. The foundation offer specific services such as free counselling, support groups, school programmes and workshops, all with the objective of helping to educate young adults to build up emotional resilience and to thrive in society.

Our Impact


Ethical Good supported this wonderful organisation with the creation of a Theory of Change strategy, to help them to clarify their objectives, desired outcomes and impact goals (see below). 


We believe that strategic planning within a charity is essential in order for that charity to effectively support their cause. The Lucy Rayner team worked in collaboration with Ethical Good to outline their clear impact goals and the expected outcomes within defined time scales. One of their central  impact goals is to help young adults develop the emotional resilience and it is a guiding principle for the different programmes that are being developed by the organisation. With this big goal in mind, we worked with them to break this down into more specific tangible outcomes that can be measured, for example that people with mental health have increased confidence and positivity in their lives. 


Encouraging charities to consider their impact goals and target outcomes is an important part of the process in creating a theory of change. Carrying out this strategic work helped The Lucy Rayner Foundation to produce an internal strategy and ensured that all staff members and stakeholders understood the organisation's priorities.

More about their organisation can be found here.

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