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The aim of The Golf Trust is to make the benefits of golf more accessible to all. They do this by adapting golf to the needs of the disabled community through investing in the use of modern technology. The Golf Trust team are passionate about using golf to empower and inspire individuals to lead healthier lives.

“We can harness the power of golf as a driver of social mobility and change. The impact of our work goes beyond what happens on the golf course; Golf has the power to bring together homes, families and communities.” The Golf Trust.


Our Impact


The Ethical Good team were brought onboard to work with The Golf Trust to outline their purpose and goals in order to prepare them for organisational growth and to ultimately enable them to help more people.

Ethical Good worked with The Golf Trust to create a central Theory of Change strategy (below). This important piece of work outlined the outputs of the organisation and identified and defined future targets and impact goals to work towards, within clear time frames. 

By detailing a thoughtful, creative and insightful Theory of Change, The Golf Trust were able to clearly define their organisations priorities and this clarity ultimately led them to have a far greater reach and impact on their beneficiaries.

Theory of Change Model (below)

theory of change.png

The Trusts work is split into 3 core areas, focussing on changing perceptions and bringing the benefits of Golf to people with disabilities, the elderly and those living in inner-city lower socioeconomic areas.


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