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What is Impact Investing? 


Impact Investing focusses on the positive outcome (or impact) of an organisation’s work on the planet and its people to return a triple bottom line return (people, planet, profit.)

We’ve been at the forefront of impact investing for 20 years both internationally and in the UK. With a background in economic development in frontier nations, our team have been at the forefront of investor and investee side transactions.

We’ve supported raises including a £30m fund for ethical investing in African agriculture, a global fund for supporting refugee entrepreneurs and guiding multiple iNGOs to an enterprise led development strategy.

We’re a key advisor to SEAF, the world’s longest established ethical investor, currently leading the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.

Our team knows how to find impact investment funding, and enable enterprises to be impact investment ready.

And we have our own fund to invest in impact businesses or social enterprises who need catalytic capital.


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