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Time for a name change - introducing Ethical Good

The new Ethical Good logo (blue, white and grey)

Providing New Perspectives for Good, since 2008

Our organisation has evolved significantly in the 15 years from inception from innovating a brand of ethical bottled water to become a business-driven solution to changing the world we live, for the greater good. We've moved from creating Ethical Goods, towards driving forward more Ethical Good in the world. We therefore felt it was time for a change of name to reflect this... Introducing Ethical Good!

Our Background:

Ethical Goods was founded 15 years ago by a trio of entrepreneurial Toms. Tom Mercer of MOMA Foods | The Craft Oat Co. Tom Pellereau, a self confessed ‘geeky inventor’ who won a £250k investment prize from Sir Alan Sugar in hit TV show, The Apprentice, in 2011, and Tom Blathwayt, an influencer at the heart of business and sustainability. They originally set up Ethical Goods to initiate products that gave a charitable donation to charities associated with the product. The first product was ‘Just Toilet Paper’ - a product that helped water and sanitation projects in lower income countries through the wonderful charity Pump Aid.

It later pivoted to a business that created mutually beneficial ‘cause marketing’ via strategic partnerships between brands that already had supermarket shelf space and charities. The creation of ethical products lay at the heart of the business - the sales of which helped to raise funds for charities, whilst also helping businesses to do more good in the world.

Where we are now:

Today we are still focused on making innovative, world changing social and planet ideas possible. We provide the thought power, the people and the funding to make audacious things happen. Ethical Good is a consultancy dedicated to helping you find new perspectives to funding and innovation that you need for your charity, social or planet focused enterprise. We help you get ready for philanthropic or commercial investment by investing our own team and funds to create world changing opportunities for people, planet and profit.

We now offer a wider range of services to help future-proof businesses to drive profit and protect reputations. These services include CSR/ ESG planning, accreditation and measuring, in addition to helping businesses become B-Corps as the need arises.

We provide our charity clients a far broader range of services including; fundraising/crowdfunding, innovation, creative solutions, impact measurement, marketing, theory of change and case for support modelling.

The final string to our bow is our impact investing services which range from helping purpose based organisations with financial planning, through to people solutions and even investing funds of our own.

Welcoming... Ethical Good:

With all these services now on offer, over recent years, we’ve increasingly felt that we have outgrown our original name and that it was time for a change. We are delighted to announce that we have now officially changed our name to Ethical Good which we feel reflects our change of focus to doing good, rather than creating goods.

E.G. as we are often referred to by our clients, have helped a wide range of high profile charities to find corporate partnerships and as we are well known in the Third Sector, we didn’t want to stray too far from our original name, so we felt Ethical Good worked for us perfectly! We hope you agree!

Good inspiration:

If you’d like to hear more stories of us doing ethical good then follow us on our updated social accounts and sign up to hear from us via our monthly newsletters.


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