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The Wheelhouse have a solution for businesses and workers

Introducing The Wheelhouse, a new way of monetising disused space in your building by creating a co-working community and bringing together those who now ‘work from home’ in your locality. They have created a business model which supports people who work from home as well as organisations with large spaces that are going on unused.

The Wheelhouse was founded in 2017 to service the army of home workers and provide a solution to the new economy and provide workers with a space away from home but not back in the corporate office. Their offering is increasingly important in the post-pandemic world where people have abandoned their daily commute in favour of a hybrid-style of working.

For many, home-working is depressing, soulless and challenging for the creativity and productivity of workers. The first space created was in a chapel and the team converted it into a vibrant co-working space. Now they have spaces all over the country and are able to offer simple, good-quality business services where they provide local, friendly co-working options for remote workers and hybrid teams.

The Wheelhouse ethos is that work-from-homers deserve better and shouldn’t have to commute for hours to get it. By providing localised and affordable co-working spaces The Wheelhouse is able to accommodate hybrid teams, start-up and freelancers whilst providing an income for local organisations.

Ethical Good have partnered with The Wheelhouse team as we believe their model provides great options for charities and community organisations to solve the issue of unused space, allowing them to generate additional revenue in a creative way and softly incorporate an enterprise driven approach into their practices.

The Wheelhouse team are passionate about flourishing communities and can provide a simple one-stop shop for setting up and running co-working spaces. They are entering a period of expansion.

If your organisation has under-utilised space, would benefit from an additional revenue stream and are open to achieving this through a partnership then a Wheelhouse co-working space may be what you need.

The Wheelhouse team can set-up a co-working space within 4-6 weeks after venue agreement, they will handle marketing and customer service for the members using the space. They have clear standards that make running the space a simple and efficient process and 70-75% of all sales income returns to their partner venues.

Both venues and workers love the concept and The Wheelhouse aims to bring their spaces to more locations around the UK in 2023. They are actively seeking new venues to partner with, so whether you are a community centre, sports centre, office or even a church or theatre with space that is under-utilised, this is a great way to have an additional income and serve the community further.

To find out more about The Wheelhouse, visit their website

If you’d like to contact them, get in touch.


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