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The Purpose Revolution: Igniting Your Career with Passion and Impact

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In the heart of London, on a sunny Friday afternoon, a spark was ignited. It wasn't just the promise of a weekend getaway or the allure of a refreshing beverage; it was the spark of purpose, the kind that fuels careers and transforms lives. This was the scene at the Impact Match event, "The Purpose Revolution - Why & How to Have a Career with Purpose." 


The Catalyst for Change:

The event kicked off with Leigh Smyth, the dynamic founder of Impact Match, a platform dedicated to connecting individuals and organisations with purpose-driven careers. Leigh's journey was a testament to the power of purpose. At 28, she pivoted her career towards impact, a decision that ultimately led her to create Impact Match. Her story resonated deeply with the audience, many of whom were seeking to infuse their own careers with meaning. 


Leigh emphasised the importance of networking, sharing how a chance encounter at a Women in Banking and Finance event led her to meet Beverley Brown, a fellow speaker at the Purpose Revolution event. "Relationships are so important," Leigh remarked, "and you can really only do that via these kinds of events or face-to-face events." Her words underscored the power of connection in the pursuit of purpose. 


The Power of Connection:

Beverley Brown, a force of nature in the social impact space, echoed Leigh's sentiments about networking. With a career spanning charity work, recruitment, and now The Female Lead, Beverley's journey was a testament to the power of connection. "Every meeting you have, you meet somebody within that meeting that will go on to give you something else," she shared. Her story was a reminder that purpose often emerges through unexpected encounters and meaningful relationships. 


Beverley's work with Women in Banking and Finance further highlighted the importance of community and mentorship in fostering purpose-driven careers. She spoke passionately about the organisation's mission to empower women in the financial sector and create an environment where diversity is not just embraced but championed. 


The Business of Doing Good:

The event's keynote speaker was our Chairman, Duncan Parker, who brought a unique perspective to the table. As a leader in purpose-led investing and the founder of Ethical Good, Duncan challenged the audience to rethink the role of business in society. "What if businesses, rather than charities and government and individuals, were the superheroes that could solve the world's problems?" he asked. 


Duncan painted a stark picture of the challenges facing our world, from poverty and inequality to climate change and resource depletion. But he didn't dwell on despair. Instead, he offered a vision of hope, a vision where businesses become the driving force for positive change


He shared the story of his encounter with a family in Tanzania, a moment that ignited his own commitment to social impact. This personal anecdote served as a lesson to the audience that purpose is not just a lofty ideal but a deeply personal journey. 


Duncan's message was clear: businesses have the power to make a real difference in the world. By aligning their goals with the needs of people and the planet, they can create a more equitable and sustainable future. He urged the audience to embrace the "purpose revolution" and to use their careers as a force for good. 


The Spark of Purpose:

The Purpose Revolution event was more than just a series of talks; it was a catalyst for change. It ignited a spark in the hearts and minds of attendees, inspiring them to seek out careers that align with their values and make a positive impact on the world. 


Leigh Smyth left the audience with a final thought: "Your life is the most important thing, and you can have such amazing impact if you really think about it." Her words echoed in the minds of attendees as they stepped back into the sunny London afternoon, ready to embark on their own purpose-driven journeys. 


Exploring Purpose Further:

If you're feeling inspired to explore purpose further for your organisation, we encourage you to get in touch for a chat. Our team of experts can help you to define your organisations purpose, develop a strategy, and measure your impact. 


As Beverley Brown eloquently stated: “Remember to have courage and be kind, for where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness, there is magic. Let's create that magic together.” 



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