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Create Strong Financial Foundations for your Purpose-based Organisation and Reach for the Sky

Imagine a world where more purpose-based enterprises can be made a reality and are able to thrive. Imagine a world where Founders of purpose driven Start-Ups are so confident in the financial planning side of their business, that they are able to make successful pitches to investors and obtain the required funding to make their business fly, and have the desired impact in the world! Imagine if more Charities had the skills and resources in place to drive an enterprise arm forward so that they were less reliant on philanthropy…

Our client, Relevant, (an initiative from New Paradigm Ventures (Vienna) and Social Innovation Academy (Kampala) are on a mission to make this vision a reality. There is currently a huge disparity between ideas to address social, economic or environmental challenges and the resources available to make them come to life. The Relevant mission is to accelerate the shift to a purpose-driven economy, which is why they have set up a unique finance academy aimed at training and coaching purpose driven social enterprises and charities looking to set up or develop an enterprise.

Do you have a purpose based concept for an enterprise that you want to develop a financial model for? No matter what stage you are at, be it intention, idea, prototype, pilot, scaling or looking for funding, the Relevant Financial Planning Academy is in a format that will work for you, with no previous participant knowledge required.

The unique online, live programme offers comprehensive peer supported learning and training on financial literacy where every participant builds a complete, viable, four-year financial business model. The model includes workshops on the creation of a realistic Profit & Loss account, a Cash Flow statement, the financing need, impact mapping and obtaining potential sources of funds.

The Academy combines entrepreneurial spirit with the right tools, knowledge and access to finance to lead enterprises to create their desired impact. You will leave the Academy having worked with real people, in real time, on real ventures. You will be empowered and armed with everything you need to go out and obtain funding, not to mention, a supportive network of like-minded people to help you succeed. You may even secure some funding at the Academy via the Relevant Purpose Pool which connects purpose driven founders and impact investors.

The content of the Academy has been tried-and-tested in dozens of programs, by hundreds of impact ventures and charities over the past 10+ years including TearFund, Austrian Red Cross and Worldwide Fund for Nature to name but a few.

So many brilliant impact-based start-ups and charitable enterprises fall down when it comes to putting forward a realistic and consistent business plan that includes plausible profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements. Don’t be one of them.

The Relevant Academy team hold regular information sessions that you can attend and get the opportunity to meet the team. This is an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about how this unique training academy can help make your business dreams a reality.

Y ou can find out when the next information session is and read more about the Academy on their Eventbrite page.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the sessions soon and helping you to build your financial skill set to allow your venture to have the impact you’ve always hoped for!

Dream big and reach for the sky (but make sure you’ve nailed those numbers first!)


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