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Celebrating the Work of Refugee Charities: Localised Support and Emotional Wellbeing

In honour of UN World Refugee Day on 20th June and Refugee Week currently underway in the UK from 17th to 23rd June, we at Ethical Good have been reflecting on the incredible organisations supporting refugees directly. 

This year's Refugee Week theme, "Our Home," celebrates the concept of home for refugees and displaced people. To learn more about Refugee Week and the UN Refugee Agency's (UNHCR) vital work, you can visit their websites. 

In an increasingly mobile world, the significance of localised support for refugees cannot be overstated. Such support provides practical resources and fosters a sense of community and belonging, essential for the emotional and psychological well-being of refugees. Today, we celebrate the incredible work of 6 charities supporting refugees in the UK, each contributing in unique and impactful ways. 

  1. Refugees at Home: A Safe Haven

Refugees at Home, a Glasgow-based charity often dubbed the "Airbnb for refugees," has revolutionised the concept of welcoming refugees into new communities. By connecting refugees with UK homeowners willing to offer spare rooms, this charity provides more than just shelter—it offers a safe and welcoming environment where refugees can begin to rebuild their lives. This localised support is crucial, as it allows refugees to settle into a supportive and stable environment, easing the transition into their new communities.

2. Migrant Help: Healing Emotional Wounds

While many charities focus on the practical needs of refugees, Migrant Help addresses the often-overlooked emotional and psychological toll of displacement. This charity provides refugees with access to counselling and other mental health support services, recognising that recovery from trauma is a critical part of the resettlement process. By offering these services, Migrant Help ensures that refugees can heal emotionally and mentally, allowing them to better integrate and thrive in their new environment.

3. City of Sanctuary Volunteers: Companionship and Support

Operating in various locations across the UK, City of Sanctuary Volunteers friendship and support to refugees and asylum seekers. These volunteers play a crucial role in helping refugees navigate their new surroundings, providing companionship and a friendly face in what can be an overwhelming new environment.

4. The Unity Project (Coventry): Empowering Women and Children

Focused on refugee women and children, The Unity Project in Coventry offers a variety of services including English language classes, childcare, and cultural events. They are the only organisation in the UK that specifically assists with the complex immigration application needed to gain access to public funds. By providing targeted support to these vulnerable groups, the project helps them to integrate and thrive in their new environment.

5. Screen Share: Connecting Lives

Screen Share collects donated phones and tablets, refurbishes them, and distributes them for free to refugees. This initiative provides refugees with vital communication tools, enabling them to connect with loved ones, access information, and find essential services. By empowering refugees with technology, Screen Share enhances their ability to integrate and succeed in their new communities.

6. The Bike Project: Pedalling Towards Independence 

The Bike Project collects and refurbishes used bicycles, giving them to refugees. This initiative provides refugees with affordable transportation, promoting healthy living and environmental sustainability.

With a bike, refugees can access job opportunities, education, and essential services that may be located outside walking distance. The project also organises group cycling events, fostering a sense of community and social interaction among refugees.


Each of these charities plays a vital role in providing localised support to refugees in the UK. By addressing both practical needs and emotional wellbeing, they help refugees to rebuild their lives, integrate into their new communities, and feel a sense of belonging. As we celebrate their work, we are reminded of the importance of local, community-based support in creating a welcoming and inclusive society for all.


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