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Celebrating Five Years of Impact: Thea Partridge's Journey at Ethical Good so far...

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We recently marked a significant milestone at Ethical Good as we celebrated Thea Partridge's five-year anniversary as our Marketing and Communications Director. Thea has been the driving force behind our brand's voice and vision, bringing creativity, passion, and an unwavering commitment to our ethical mission. Her innovative strategies and leadership have not only amplified our message but also strengthened our community impact.

Join us in honoring Thea's journey with us so far, her many campaign achievements, and the positive change she continues to inspire every day. Here’s to many more years of success and inspiration.

Thea's Early Days at Ethical Good

When Thea began working for Ethical Good in May 2019, she brought her robust marketing experience with her, which was marked by a series of successful campaigns that drove impressive ROI by creating content, offers, prizes and stories that really resonated with the various intended audiences. However, it was her dedication to ethical practices and her desire to drive meaningful change that made her feel right at home here. From day one, Thea made it clear that her role at Ethical Good was not just about promoting the company and their clients, but about fostering a culture of innovation, integrity and social responsibility within the Ethical Good network.


Revolutionising Fundraising Strategies for the Third Sector

As Marketing and Communications Director, Thea has been the driving force behind some of Ethical Good's most successful client campaigns. In the past 5 years, Thea and the team have coached hundreds of UK charities on making the best use of the product features on the Crowdfunder platform, helping them to foster innovation, leverage corporate partnerships, obtain matched funds, new supporters and wider media coverage.

In fact, in 2019, only a handful of small charities used Crowdfunder for fundraising, now, household charity brands such as Oxfam, Macmillan, RSPCA, Unicef, National Emergencies Trust, Disasters Emergencies Committee use the platform, in addition to hundreds of smaller charities. This has in part been driven by changing needs of the charity sector over the pandemic, but is also testiment to the grit and determination of the EG team. By listening to feedback from the sector and then working closely with the Crowdfunder team, we have created and launched numerous beneficial and innovative charity crowdfunding products including; 20,000 free Charity Profiles in association with Charities Trust, Nectar Donate, Multiplier and Prize Draws.

save out theatres screenshot of amount raised

A notable success by Thea and the EG team was the launch of the nationwide ‘Save our Theatres Crowdfunder campaign. During the pandemic, the campaign achieved £1.5mill for 88 struggling theatres across the UK and also sparked a range of other national campaigns in which charities with similar goals, simultaneously fundraised, to help increase media hype and therefore donations. For example, the Anti-hunger Food Bank campaign that raised £1.5mill for foodbanks across the UK, was supported by Marcus Rashford and amassed 13k + supporters.

The EG team also spearheaded VaccinAid, a groundbreaking fundraising campaign around the concept of ‘Vaccine Gratitude’. With match funding from the Gates Foundation, it raised over 10 million for Unicef to help vaccinate those in less fortunate countries, something we are immensely proud of.


a Vaccinaid banner  for amount raised


During this time, Thea and the team worked on a range of digital charity fundraising events, one of which achieved a Guinness World Records™ for ‘The most users to visit a virtual pub’ with 6,270 in attendance for a Comedy Night with Russell Howard and Jason Manford. We were delighted that it also raised £32,000 for National Emergencies Trust with the campaign reaching 21 million eyeballs globally.

Another key highlight has been working with Oxfam on a ground-breaking prize draw to win VIP Glastonbury tickets which raised over £1million in 3 weeks (almost half a million in 24 hours) for the Turkey / Syria Earthquake. It achieved a vast number of news stories across the UK and triggered many charities to launch prize draws on Crowfunder to follow suite, thus opening up a whole new digital fundraising mechanic for the Third Sector.

Building a Legacy of Ethical Good

Thea's contributions to Ethical Good go beyond successful campaigns and fundraising milestones. She has played a crucial role in shaping the company’s culture and values. Her commitment to ethical marketing practices and social responsibility has set a standard for the entire team. Moreover, Thea's influence extends to the broader industry... She is a sought-after speaker at charity industry events, where she is often asked to share her knowledge on the power of crowdfunding for social good. Her thought leadership in this indemand area has inspired countless charities to rethink their approaches to fundraising and to start to utilise incentivised giving approaches.

Looking Ahead

As Thea reflects on her 5 years to date at Ethical Good, she continues to look for new ways to push boundaries and drive impact for Ethical Good's current clients and new charities and purpose based organisations that enter our fold.

Get in touch today to have a chat with this impact driven lady, or one of her brilliant colleagues about how your organisation could revolutionise its fundraising strategy.


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