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A Win for Ethical Good at the CIOF Debate!

On July 6th 2022, our Managing Director, Duncan Parker, won the Great Debate at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising's Annual Conference on behalf of Ethical Good with his innovative approach to creating new channels of revenue. Other competitors on the panel included representatives from Fundraise Up, Cancer Research UK, and Easy Fundraising; but it was Duncan's proposal that caught the attention of the attendees.

Duncan had the opportunity to demonstrate how charities should become more commercial to reduce reliance on traditional fundraising methods and help tackle social problems faster by improving their impact on society.

He highlighted that businesses won't reach their Sustainable Development Goals if they solely rely on philanthropy and voluntary aid; and they will need to begin to act critically if they are serious about people and the planet. We need to give charities better access to business and investment finance, to get close to the annual $4 trillion target per year by 2030, if we're going to achieve radical change.

At present in the UK, there are more Food Banks than McDonald's branches however the Government - as well as our local authorities - are reducing spending even though the rhetoric is focused on levelling up. 14 million people (22% of the UK population) are living in poverty in the UK meanwhile charities are undergoing increasing pressures financially and operationally. We are not winning. We need to do better, go further, and be more sustainable. That is why Duncan spoke about enterprise led fundraising and development as both a scalable and sustainable way of meeting the need of many social and environmental issues.

The Ethical Goods team maintain their reputable track record in aiding charities to fulfil their enterprise led goals; helping them to understand the commercial and mission opportunities, preparing them for investment and driving forward their innovative business solutions.

We'd love to speak to you about implementing these ideas into your charity's plan of action. If you'd like find out more, register your interest by emailing


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