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A fireside chat about Impact with Simon Ellis and Duncan Parker

LinkedIn Live sessions have become increasingly popular for thought leaders and business owners who want to share their insights and connect with a wider audience. At Ethical Good, we're excited to have started to use this platform to share our New Perspectives series. In these live webinars, we introduce our audience to innovative business people that are solving the world's problems and challenging the status quo.

Recently, our Managing Director, Duncan Parker, had the opportunity to speak with Simon Ellis, Co-founder of Planet Marketing a sustainability focused marketing agency based in London. Simon shared his experiences as a founder and outlined his journey of becoming an impact-driven business. As a business owner with a socially and environmentally conscious approach, he spoke about the digital revolution and how he questions his clients in order to keep things authentic..

Simon has witnessed significant changes in marketing due to the evolution of technology and automation. However, he notes that the sustainability revolution is a consideration for all businesses in today’s climate. He spoke about how Planet Marketing stays ahead of the curve by keeping a finger on the pulse when it comes to new tech and innovation.

You can watch the footage from the LinkedIn Live here.

One of the key takeaways from the LinkedIn Live session was the importance of responding to change. The purpose-led economy is here to stay and businesses have a responsibility to keep up. Simon noted that supporting businesses with shared values has a greater impact than trying to educate businesses with old fashioned values. On a personal note, he also discussed what drives him and what he wishes he had done differently in the early days of his career.

Interestingly, in a recent speech, former short term UK Prime Minister Liz Truss condemned the sustainability agenda and claimed that people who focus on issues such as this,and what she called the "woke agenda" were inherently anti-business. Simon praised his young team and put it down to an age demographic that dominates “mainstream business” and explained that purpose driven businesses are the businesses of the future.. A lot of the passion within the sustainability space is driven by Gen-Z and Millennials and they’re looking to lead the way, Simon says..

When you work with purpose-based businesses, purpose is put front and centre, and profit becomes a secondary focus.. For people early in their purpose-journey, Simon's advice was to connect with people on LinkedIn, find your tribe, and work on your personal brand.

We're thrilled to be working with Planet Marketing, who will be helping our clients optimise their marketing strategy. They’ve also been instrumental in driving our LinkedIn Live series to audiences in the sustainability and purpose-driven space.

If you missed this session, don't worry, we have more planned for May and June. Make sure to follow Ethical Good on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on our upcoming sessions. These sessions are a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into the sustainable and purpose-driven space, learn from industry leaders, and connect with like-minded individuals.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming LinkedIn Live sessions - our next one will take place on May 10th where we will be discussing on the Future of work from the perspective of two contrasting purpose based business owners, Fika and The Wheelhouse with a particular focus on the environmental impact of the new hybrid way of working.

Join us for the upcoming Linkedin Live session, be registering here.


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