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£26 charity donation for every charity runner

With the London Marathon taking place on 2nd October this year, if you have secured a place then you are likely to be squeezing in some early morning or late night training sessions to catch the coolest part of the day. Hopefully the extreme heat hasn't diverted your training schedule too far of course! But what about your charity fundraising, how is that shaping up?

In my experience of running the London marathon, I found the fundraising to be almost as much work as doing the running training! Plus, I felt a little guilty asking friends and family to sponsor me to do yet another charity run as I'd done several half marathons prior. But fear not, help is at hand so you don't have to go through this particular pain barrier...

Our partners, are helping to put the 'fun' back into your Marathon fundraising. They are kindly donating £26 to every marathon, half marathon, and running fundraiser that is created on Crowdfunder! You simply choose the charity you are fundraising for, set up your fundraiser, hit the required milestones and fill out a quick form to claim the £26 donation onto your Crowdfunder page.

Plus, when you fundraise with Crowdfunder, your supporters can donate their Nectar points to your charitable cause which gives you a different angle to use for your fundraising ask to friends and family. This way, you're not asking for cash from their bank account, but simply asking for them to donate some of their Nectar points which they most likely forgot they had anyway. And those Nectar points can be converted into cold hard cash for the charity you are raising for - win, win!

Make the miles count and join the crowd that's giving charities more.


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