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The aim of The Pak Mission Society is to respond disasters through emergency relief. They specialise in rolling out long term rehabilitation and development programs to serve unreached and underprivileged communities in Pakistan. They support communities regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, religion and social background. 

Our Impact


The Ethical Goods team worked together with our partners at Relativ Impact to create the below Theory of Change model. To do this, we with this we investigated the activities, immediate outputs, longer term outcomes, targets and impact goals and drew up a model to align the organisation in its purpose. The document has become a hymn sheet for everyone to follow - to sing to the same tune. By agreeing to sing from the same hymn sheet, Pak Mission Society have greatly increased the impact they have on their beneficiaries.


Pak Mission Society ToC[27].png
Read more about Pak Mission Society here.
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