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Innovative fundraising approaches for PTAs

Does your child's school fundraising always get carried out in the same old way? If you know a PTA who has plans to raise vital funds in the coming term for school clubs, library books, playground equipment, school breakfasts, art supplies, the next trip or even for a life-saving lollipop person, then we are here to help!

Our partner,, is the home for innovative online fundraising. Crowdfunder gives PTAs the opportunity to go above and beyond the standard donations based fundraising, while keeping the fun and creative elements of usual PTA fundraisers.

PTA Crowdfunder campaign could utilise rewards, be eligible for additional funding or even be in the format of an online prize draw. Plus PTAs can now ask supporters for donations in the form of Nectar card points thanks to our partnership with Nectar Donate which is a whole new fundraising ask!


Say ‘Thank you’ to supporters with rewards. On Crowdfunder you can offer rewards in return for pledges, in addition to simply collecting donations. Rewards are a great way of increasing the amount of money a supporter will pledge, plus they can help to generate excitement around your project. Check out these top reward ideas.

Match funding:

We have a wide range of match funding pots on Crowdfunder. Private donations from corporate partners or high value donor can also be matched to further encourage the crowd to get involved. Search for +Extra funding pots that fit your project criteria here.

Prize draws:

You can set up a prize draw page where supporters can donate in return for a chance of winning your prizes, similar to an online raffle. To have the most appeal, we recommend offering one big ‘money can’t buy’ style prize and several smaller ones too. For prize draw inspiration and to sign up, click here.

To learn more take part in one of the free Crowdfunding interactive sessions taking place in September.

Or, if you are ready to start making your Crowdfunding page now, then sign up.

We look forward to helping you raise vital funds in a more innovative and successful way for your school projects on Crowdfunder this year!


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